Esther – 0ne night with the King


Dear Saints,
Esther – one night with the King
The story of Esther is really the story of the church (the bride) and Jesus (the bridegroom)
Esther was chosen by God to be at the right place and the right time to save her nation. To do that she had to be abducted and forced to take part in a sort of beauty pageant, so that she could be chosen by the King to be His queen. To do this God gave her favour, first with the Eunuch in charge of the woman, later God’s favour on her life won the heart of the King.
The women were allowed to choose jewellery and ornaments from the vast treasure stores in the king’s palace. Any kind of jewellery you can think of was theirs to take and keep for ever. Imagine that they would have grabbed handfuls of pearls, and precious stones hoping to impress the king. But Haggai had seen something special in Esther, he helped her by telling her what to choose, and how to dress in the King’s favourite colour and when the king saw Esther, he fell in love with her. We all know the story of Haman and the plot to kill the Jews, and how God used Esther as queen to stop Haman from killing off the Jews. But I want to look at the love story between the king and Esther.
I wanted my one night with King but was frustrated my whole life. I went to church every Sunday and listened to many sermons, but I think I had a little demon sitting on my shoulder telling me that it was all a fairy story. God did not exist; the Bible was a fable. I tried to be a good Christion, gave my heart to Lord was baptised in Water, but still something was missing. I had some doubts, but tried to exercise my faith. I did not really know what that meant. But they said you believe by faith.
2Co_5:7 for we walk by faith, not by sight;
But still I had this little doubt, Jesus lived and died a long time ago, we do not have a picture of him dying on the cross, no one that you know actually saw Him or spoke to Him, yet the bible says He came from heaven and died for our sins, that is awesome, but I read about Mary sitting by His feet, and I want that kind of encounter, I want a personal relationship with the person that came and died for me.
When I was called into the ministry, God gave me a prophetic word, that I would bring in a host of souls, that was awesome, it has not happened yet, then He gave another word, separate yourself and pray Joel 2, it was at this time that I started my quest in earnest, to meet Jesus. First I had to meet the Holy Spirit, and I decided to invite Him to come and sit down next to me, and share His heart with me, I sat there and heard words and wrote them down and when I read them I found that He had shared God the Father’s heart for us. I then regularly invited the Holy Spirit into the room and the presence of God was all over the place, but I still needed to sit at the feet of Jesus. I wanted my one night with the King.
It was not easy because although I now believed by faith that God and Jesus was real, I still wanted what Moses had, face to face with God on the mountain. I was never satisfied to send up prayers to heaven not knowing if they heard them.
I did not really understand what this separate yourself and pray was, no one had told me what I was supposed to do. My friends came and prayed with me, but I did not know what I was doing, and trying to pray Joel 2 was crazy,
Joe 2:1 Blow a ram’s horn in Zion, and sound an alarm in My holy mountain; let all the inhabitants of the land tremble. For the day of Jehovah comes, for it is near at hand;
That sounded scary, Joe 2:15 Blow a trumpet in Zion, sanctify a fast, call a solemn gathering.
Joe 2:16 Gather the people, sanctify the congregation, gather the elders, gather the children and those who suck the breasts. Let the bridegroom go forth out of his chamber, and the bride out of her room.
None of this made sense but then I read, Joe 2:28 And it shall be afterward, I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh. And your sons and your daughters shall prophesy; your old men shall dream dreams; your young men shall see visions.
Joe 2:29 And also I will pour out My Spirit on the slaves and on the slave women in those days.
That sounded more like something I could pray for. But I still had no clue what God wanted me to do.
A friend came and joined me and we prayed together and had great times, worshipping and I learnt a lot from her. One day we read about Jacobs ladder.
Gen_28:12 And he dreamed. And behold! A ladder was set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to Heaven! And behold! The angels of God were ascending and descending on it!
We decided that it would be pretty cool to be able to go up to heaven and visit Jesus. We drew a picture but used stairs instead of a ladder and put two pillars on top and a floor and a platform where the throne of God would be.
Then we closed our eyes and imagined that we were walking up the stairs and when we came to the floor we looked for the throne that Jesus was sitting on and to my surprize I saw Him sitting there, wearing a white robe, and thought wow that is amazing, but then He got up and walked towards me and spoke, I got such a fright that I opened my eyes, and then I saw my friend and her eyes were wide, and she had a similar experience.
The next day I tried again and yes Jesus once again got up and I was on my knees worshipping Him and He came and said “ welcome daughter” I was overwhelmed and opened my eyes and it was gone, but then I kept on going, after all I had had my one night with King, and wanted more, I wanted to know Him, I wanted to tell Him I loved Him and see His face. It was really something amazing, it was as if I stepped into a vision everytime and Jesus would talk to me. He later used these visits to give me clues to messages that I had to take to churches. Then one day I said I really wanted to meet the Father, Jesus took me to Him, and although I could not really see His face as He is surrounded by Glory light, I had the impression that He looked just like Jesus.
He spoke and said “ the shofar is blowing over Parow” it was a part of a message for a church that I was sent to.
Now I had confirmation, God is real, Jesus is real, the Holy Spirit is real and the Bible is true. My life was never the same, and I now had a personal relationship with the person that came to earth and died for me. I could sit by His feet like Mary did. I could worship Him for real, I could hug Him and tell Him personally that I love Him.
Don’t stop at the bottom of the ladder, when Jesus died the curtain in the temple was torn in two, we now have direct access to the presence of the Father.
Revelation 4:1 (NKJV), After these things I looked, and behold, a door standing open in heaven. And the first voice which I heard was like a trumpet speaking with me, saying, “Come up here, and I will show you things which must take place after this.”
God has issued an invitation for us to come up there and He will show us things that must still take place.
Take up the invitation and go and visit Him and you will have your one night with the King
He is eagerly waiting for you with open arms

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Why did Jesus overturn tables?


Dear Saints,

Why Did Jesus Overturn the Tables?

Mark 11:15-19 (The Message)

They arrived at Jerusalem. Immediately on entering the Temple Jesus started throwing out everyone who had set up shop there, buying and selling. He kicked over the tables of the bankers and the stalls of the pigeon merchants.

He didn’t let anyone even carry a basket through the Temple. And then he taught them, quoting this text:

My house was designated a house of prayer for the nations; You’ve turned it into a hangout for thieves.

The high priests and religion scholars heard what was going on and plotted how they might get rid of him. They panicked, for the entire crowd was carried away by his teaching.

At evening, Jesus and his disciples left the city.

At first glance, this is one of those stories that seems like a slam dunk.

Jesus walks into Jerusalem — sees what is going on — that the merchants are taking advantage of the pilgrims — ghetto gauging, if you will — he gets angry. Turns over the tables and says NO MORE!!

The modern church has applied this story by saying that because of this, Jesus is teaching us that we should not sell things in the church.

That’s what the story says — RIGHT? Well, not so fast.

Let’s look a little more carefully at our story.

First of all, this is one of those stories that is found in all four Gospels. The synoptic gospels all locate this story at the beginning of what you and I now call “Holy Week” — the last week of Jesus’ life. John locates this story very differently.

In John’s gospel, this story is found in Chapter 2, right after the story of Jesus water into wine at Cana. It is clearly out of place because this story was one of the events that turned the temple leaders against Jesus. It is pretty clear that it did not happen twice, but just once and toward the end of his life.

So John has it there for another reason — but that is not important for us this morning. I want us to look carefully at Mark’s version of this story and try to understand what it is all about. So that we can understand WHY Jesus overturned the tables.

Chapter 11 begins with Jesus entering Jerusalem on what we call PALM SUNDAY.

Mark, like Matthew and Luke, is trying to demonstrate with that story just what kind of a messiah Jesus is. A messiah who comes not for the elite — not for the establishment — but a messiah who comes for all people.

That day ends with Jesus going back to Bethany because it was getting late. The next day — as they are walking back toward Jerusalem Jesus sees a fig tree off in the distance.

We think the story tells us that it was not the right time of year for figs to be growing on a tree — Jesus says to the tree: “May no one ever eat fruit from you again.”

And then we get our story today:

They arrived at Jerusalem. Immediately on entering the Temple Jesus started throwing out everyone who had set up shop there, buying and selling. He kicked over the tables of the bankers and the stalls of the pigeon merchants. He didn’t let anyone even carry a basket through the Temple. And then he taught them, quoting this text:

My house was designated a house of prayer for the nations; You’ve turned it into a hangout for thieves. The high priests and religion scholars heard what was going on and plotted how they might get rid of him. They panicked, for the entire crowd was carried away by his teaching.

At evening, Jesus and his disciples left the city.

But then Mark tells us:

In the morning, walking along the road, they saw the fig tree, shriveled to a dry stick. Peter, remembering what had happened the previous day, said to him, “Rabbi, look—the fig tree you cursed is shriveled up!”

Why am I giving you this lesson in Mark’s gospel?

Because it is important!

Mark has taken the story of the “cleansing of the temple” and framed it with the story of the fig tree.

Mark does this throughout his Gospel and whenever he does this, he does it because he has something important that he wants us to understand. Mark frames a story around another one in order to help us to understand what the central story really means. He uses the frame story to interpret the central story.

So if that is what he is doing — what might the cleansing of the temple story mean when it is framed by the cursing of the fig tree?

Well the first question that we ask is: Why does Jesus curse the fig tree? It makes no sense — it was not the season for figs, so why would Jesus seem to get upset that it is not producing?

Unfortunately, I have already set you up.

Just in the way that I described the fig tree story we make it sound like Jesus is mad at the tree — disappointed that it is not producing.

But I don’t believe that is what Jesus is doing or saying.

Jesus is using the fig tree to represent the religious institution of his day. And curses it to point out that the institution — the temple and its bureaucracy is no longer producing the fruit that God created it to produce.

And when Jesus shifts our attention to the moneychangers at the temple — He is not angry that they are selling outside the temple. The selling of sacrifices and the exchanging of money was essential to be faithful to the temple. — a person would travel from Galilee and need to buy a dove or a lamb for a sacrifice. It was a necessary reality. — In the same way, a person would have to take their coins – which were probably Roman and would have had the image of Caesar on it, and exchange it for an acceptable coin so that they could make their offering without offending — without breaking the commandment on graven images — to God.

What Jesus is angry about is that the temple is failing in its mission to God.

What does God want of us?

(Micah 6:8 NRSV) He has told you, O mortal, what is good; and what

does the LORD require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?

But the temple had stopped being the temple and Jesus is saying — that soon, soon the temple will be just like the fig tree — withered and dead.

But before we get too self-righteous — we need to turn the mirror on ourselves.

Do we — God’s church — God’s people — do we represent the image that God wants us to portray?

I bet we all have had or have known of someone that whenever somebody comes to them moaning of complaining that they would reply: “Try to imagine how little I care.”

Or the person who had gone through a traumatic breakup of their marriage. And instead of listening to them, instead of loving them — they perceived the church as saying “get your marriage back together — or leave” and when they tried to find people to dialog with about their marriage all they heard was: “Try to imagine how little I care.”

What would do you think Jesus would say to the Church today? To what would he compare it? We do have a clue — in the book of Revelation, written some 80 or so years after Jesus’ death — John when he received his revelation from God says that he heard Jesus confronts the budding church.

(Revelation 3:15-17 NRSV) “I know your works; you are neither cold nor hot. I wish that you were either cold or hot. {16} So, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I am about to spit you out of my mouth. {17} For you say, ‘I am rich, I have prospered, and I need

nothing.’ You do not realize that you are wretched, pitiable, poor, blind, and naked.

Jesus says the church has said too long: “Try to imagine how little I care.”

That the church must become a place where people know that we care. And I hope and pray that in each of the instances this past week when I have had the opportunity to represent YOU the church that I have carried the message that WE DO CARE!

These past few weeks I have thought a lot about the church. What our purpose is — why we need to exist in the world. God wants us to be a family. A family that cares about each other — a family that rallies around each other. A family the celebrates the good things that happen without getting jealous of each other. And a family a cries and holds each other during the hard times in life (without saying I told you so). A family that loves — truly loves each other.

Why did Jesus overturn the tables in the temple?

To tell us not to sell anything in church? NO

To tell us not to take advantage of each other? MOST LIKELY

To tell us that if we are not alive — if we are not doing — being the church — that we are withered and dead. ABSOLUTELY

I want to close with a parable that I came across this week:

One day a man went into the bus station in Athens, Georgia, to buy a ticket to Greenville, South Carolina.

The ticket clerk told the man that the bus was running late, so, to pass the time, the man walked around the terminal. He came upon a machine on which was a sign that claimed it could tell your name, age, hometown and so forth.

Inquisitively, the man put a quarter in the slot, and instantly a ticket popped out that read: “Your name is Bill Jones. You are 35 years old. You live in Athens, Georgia, and you are waiting for a bus to Greenville, South Carolina. The bus is late.”

The man was dumbfounded. How did this machine know such facts? So he reached into his pocket, pulled out another quarter and inserted it in the machine. Another ticket came out that read: “Your name is still Bill Jones. You are still 35 years old. You still live in Athens, Georgia, and you are still waiting for a bus to Greenville, South Carolina. But it is behind schedule.”

The man was astounded. How could this be? He decided on a ruse to fool the machine. He walked across the street into a dime store and bought a pair of Groucho Marx glasses with an exaggerated nose and mustache. He also bought a pair of fake ears, a funny hat, and a cane. Wearing his silly disguise and walking with a limp, he returned to the bus terminal and approached the little machine. He feebly inserted a quarter and waited for the machine’s response.

Out it came and it read: “You name is still Bill Jones. You are still 35 years old. You are still from Athens, Georgia, and you are waiting for a bus to Greenville. South Carolina. While you were fooling around, you missed the bus!”

Too often that is the church — we are too busy messing around — too busy trying to hide — too busy trying to be somebody else — and because of that we miss the opportunity to be the church!

Jesus gives us this story to call us back to what we are supposed to be:

(Micah 6:8 NRSV) what does the LORD require of you but to do

justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?

God wants us to be a family. And if we are, then we will never be a withered tree, or have the need to have our lives turned upside down.



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God decided when to send a revival


Dear Saints,
Only God can decide when to send a revival.
When I received my calling, I was given a tape with a story of a revival on it, I did not really at the time understand what a “revival” was. All I understood from the tape was that they spent a week praying in the guy’s room and a young girl stood up and hit on a table and a revival broke out.
None of this made sense, as I still did not really understand what that revival was, and I was told by my friends, that the unsaved were led to the Lord. I am mentoring a lady that was saved a few years back and she does not really understand much, yet, She listens to the preacher on Sunday and he uses words that she does not understand and then she misinterprets them. She also runs with every prophetic word that is uttered in the church, regardless if it pertains to her life or not. She would come and prophesy these words over me, and I have told her that I am not at Jericho and I have not come out the desert, but she insists in prophesying these words over me. I was at this same place where she is now, little understanding, and wanting to run with every word that the people around me utters.
I took the story of the tape seriously and took Joel 2 and started praying it with passion, thinking that a revival must surely break out around my house! Well something did happen. I share this in my book. The first thing was that the waste removal truck, pulled up to my wall, they actually rode up onto the pavement, and peered over the wall into my property. Then the guy that collects the dustbin bags, came to my door and they both said the same words, “Madam, this is not your dustbin day” I thought that the world had gone mad. Then a few days later a friend came to my door and said that he had heard the Lord say “ I am there” as he stopped next to my house. I guess that did mean that the glory of the Lord was resting on my house. Unfortunately, the owner had decided to move back to Cape Town and wanted the house back. I still wonder what would have happened if I had stayed praying in that house.
I then moved away but was busy with my first assignment and a lady gave me a prophesy that said that “God would use me to fill that place” I prayed my heart out for that revival, I was very curious as to see what would happen when the revival broke out. To my dismay God closed the doors but then later I heard that a revival had broken out at that place and the church was full. I was a little cross with the Lord that I had not been there to see it happen.
Now I read that people are trying to bring in the last big outpouring of the Spirit so that Jesus can come, but they are doing some very strange things. Some believe that to bring in a revival you have to go and lie on the grave of someone that God used in the past to bring in a revival. Really!!! God must be laughing so loud in heaven.
Others are taking maps of their area and praying street by street and believe that God can only bring in a revival when they have covered all the streets. They also believe that you have to vanquish every evil spirit in the place. Not a bad idea, but they have to realise that God decides where and when to pour out His spirit. Then I heard that some have resorted to astral travelling, sending out their spirit, to do what? Heaven only knows, but it is a very dangerous new age practice.
Man cannot force God to bring in a revival, I am attending a church where there is a huge notice about a revival, and it has been there for three years, and I have yet to see any evidence of a real revival. Usually God chooses a man or woman and clearly gives them instructions on what to do, then He pours out His spirit in a specific place and in a specific way. I know that there is a revival in my future, and I have long ago realized that I cannot do anything to bring that about, at the right time and the right place God will do it. In the meantime, I keep reminding Him of His prophetic word over my life. “You will bring in a host of souls” I keep reminding Him that I am not young and that I am getting older hey! But we all know that God is never late He is always on time, His time. If you have a prophetic word over your life that has not come to pass, keep reminding God and be ready to move when He deems the time is right.
We are all waiting for the Last Harvest, and so saints, BE READY, at any time God will move and then we will see the Glory of the Lord poured out that will pale the past revivals by comparison. Pray for South Africa for a revival we sure need one. Bless you all.

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Permission Granted

Dear Saints,
Permission granted
On Saturday I was feeling a bit sleepy and decided to have a nap, imagine my surprize when I woke up and found a pigeon sitting on my arm. It flew over to the door of the tent and sat on the table then another one flew in and sat on the rim of the washup bowl. They sat there for a while before flying out.
My friend Gillian said God sent me three angels. Wow. Then later I listened to a Graham Cooke teaching about permission granted. The teaching is about intimacy with the Lord, it is an amazing teaching and has three parts, cannot wait to get to the next one. It is amazing how lately people are preaching about the throne room. We all spend time praying and many people struggle to believe that God is actually hearing their prayers, and when you ask them how their relationship is with Jesus, they usually tell you they cannot wait to get to heaven to meet Him. “So of course,” they do not have a personal relationship and most people do not know how to interact with the Holy Spirit.
For a number of years since God gave me the throne room experience, I have been trying to get people to go and sit by the feet of Jesus. Think about Mary and Martha. We all think about going out and doing ministry work. Some get so involved in their ministry that they seldom get time to sit by His feet like Mary did, we often think we have to be a Martha to get the work done. Jesus told Martha that Mary chose the better situation. Now I have been guilty of getting so involved with the Poppy field and getting the book written that I have been doing the Martha thing and have to repent and ask the Lord to forgive me and help me to get back to the Mary time. He gave me a scripture. Gen_35:1 And God said unto Jacob, Arise, go up to Bethel, and dwell there: and make there an altar unto God, I researched it a bit and found out that many of the people in the Old Testament went to Bethel to go to this Altar.
I knew that God was saying start your prayer time again, but I have tried off and on as it has not been easy, as I was so busy, and as time went on I felt the anointing get less and less on my life, I felt empty and I did not go and spend time in the Throne room and then listening to Graham Cooks teaching it really hit me, God is series I really have to get back to that prayer altar time. You see when Mary sat at His feet she was right there listening to His every word, but also sitting in the anointing of His presence. There is nothing that uplifts you as much as sitting in His presence. God speaks to us through anything that He can find to draw our attention to Him, even sending a bird to come and sit on your arm. He longs for your presence, you are His bride, God created man to that He can give His Son a Bride for eternity, He created the earth, so that man can have a place to stay. He did that all because He needs a family. His Son came to earth and died so that His bride could be made pure and righteous, and one of these days He is going to come and fetch His bride those that are pure and righteous, How do you get pure and righteous, you go and sit by His feet, you build up a relationship. When a man and woman meet and fall in love, they spend time together before they are sure they have met the right one, before they marry, just so to be a bride of Christ you have to know your groom. Jesus is being held by force in heaven, so that His bride can be made ready for the marriage supper of the Lamb.
He is wanting to come NOW but heaven says WAIT she is not ready. At the end of the teaching Graham invites us to close our eyes and see ourselves in the throne room seeing Jesus sitting on the throne, He tells us to wait and sit at His feet until Jesus tells us something. This is to help people to build up that personal relationship with Jesus. I did that and closed my eyes and saw myself sitting on the floor of the throne room wearing this beautiful dress, and waited for Jesus to say something to me, when suddenly I saw a huge boulder roll in front of me. I cried out to the Lord and He gave me.
45:1 THUS SAYS the Lord to His anointed, to Cyrus, whose right hand I have held to subdue nations before him, and I will unarm {and} ungird the loins of kings to open doors before him, so that gates will not be shut.
45:2 I will go before you and level the mountains [to make the crooked places straight]; I will break in pieces the doors of bronze and cut asunder the bars of iron.
45:3 And I will give you the treasures of darkness and hidden riches of secret places, that you may know that it is I, the Lord, the God of Israel, Who calls you by your name.
The first thing that stood out for me was the words Who calls you by your name. that is what Graham also states, “that God knows who you are” when you get that revelation it will blow you away. So meditate on that.
Then I realised that there is something that is preventing me from stepping through that door into the Poppy field. But God has given me a promise that He will open that door. Now when you think of doors you have to think of keys. This past week I received emails containing the words “keys” and I wondered what God was up to , now I realize that I have to find the right keys to open that door, One of the keys is to establish the Bethel altar of prayer, what keys do you need, to step into your destiny? Remember that God says “Permission granted” you have permission to go and sit by the feet of Jesus to receive your keys” what are you waiting for, Jesus is waiting for you!!

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Near death experiences

Dear Saints,
Near death experiences
Hi everyone, I hope you all received a copy of my book “The Seeker” and you are enjoying reading of my journey with the Lord. If you did not receive a copy you can just send me your email address and I will send you a copy.
I was reading about a young girl that was pushed into a swimming pool and she hit her head lost consciousness and spent 30 minutes in the bottom of the pool before they realized that she was there. She says that she saw her spirit leave her body, walking across the pool and climbing out the ladder and then she looked up and instantly she was at the gates of heaven, where the devil and God were fighting over her, the devil claimed her and God said “no she belongs to me” then she woke up in the hospital. In the bible you read that the devil and an angel fought over Moses’ body.
That is strange, but then we know why the devil wanted Moses’ body, because he wanted to show it to the people so they could worship it. Back to girl that drowned, I was visiting a friend and he told me how he died and how he went through a tunnel until he emerged into a bright light and a voice said “it is not your time you must go back” and the person told him to tell everyone of his experience, both these people hesitated to tell people, the girl said it took quite a while before she was able to share her experience in heaven, the man said that he never told anyone except me, now that is strange,
Why would they not want to tell someone, after all it is proof that God exists, it is a great Testimony of life after death. Maybe they think that people will not believe them, most will say that it was just a dream, or that you were hallucinating, it is very strange that people even devout Christians will have doubts that your story is not true. I saw a disturbing you tube video of a Pastor that died and landed up in hell, he tells what he experienced there, I mean Jesus turns up in hell and proceeds to show him different parts of hell, the Pastor realises that what he had been preaching was false and he deserved to be in Hell, Jesus shows him other Pastors, very well known Pastors that landed up in hell because they deceived people and instead of helping people they used the ministry to enrich themselves.
What really amazed me was that the books they wrote to teach people were actually not based on the bible but to promote their own version of the gospel, and these books were actually displayed in hell. This Pastor was allowed to return to his body and he then repented and started to preach the true gospel, he immediate lost half his congregation, and certain Pastors refused to allow him to preach at their churches.
Saints we are living in the days of Noah as Jesus said and deception is in the church, we have to ask God for discernment. In my book I highlight some things that happened in churches that I was sent to and God exposed some things so that the church can be purified, Jesus is coming back for a pure and Holy church, that is not the building, but us, it is important to share your testimony so that people can be made aware of the truth. I have to wonder at the Christians that I know that chase the Jehovah Witnesses away from their doors. If you have a near death experience and do not share it, you are denying the rest of the world the knowledge and proof of life after death, if you chase the Jehovah Witness away from your door, how will they ever hear the truth of the Word.
I used to be invited to a braai (barbecue) and I would sit there all evening waiting for the meat to be cooked and watching the Rugby matches or car racing, and the hosts getting more and more inebriated and all the swearing and you just cannot witness to a drunk person, and I sit there praying that the evening would end soon and I could go back home, what was I thinking that I would get a chance to witness? Until I decided that it was wasting my time, and next time I just said, I will stay at home you guys go and enjoy the evening. Once you have been taken out of the world, you just do not fit into it anymore. Thank God. But seriously if you have had an encounter with God, do not keep it yourself, share it, no matter what you think that person will think of you, I know most of the people I meet think I am totally crazy, belong in the loony bin, I mean who in there right mind goes up to the throne room and talks to God!!! Really! I know people smile at me and say “ how wonderful” but I know secretly they envy me, and would love to have that experience.
I am not ashamed of what the Lord has done for me and will share it to everyone, just maybe, a lost soul will be saved and one day when I do get to heaven for real, God may just say “ good and faithful servant” I just felt that I needed to encourage some of you not to be ashamed of being a goody goody Christian, but to learn to stand up be counted. Do not be afraid to tell everyone the Good News, there is a God there is a heaven and there is a hell. And if you think that the Pastor is preaching a false gospel, leave, run for the door, because if you stay too long you just may be deceived too.
I just heard that another nominal church is allowing gays to become pastors in their church Remember that God loves the person but hates the sin. And in the Bible God puts out clearly the criteria for people in leadership in the church. Be vigilant we are living in very dangerous times, but also in the most exciting time in history, because Jesus is coming back soon.
I hope I have encouraged someone to stand up and share their testimony so that the unsaved can hear and be saved from eternal damnation.

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God, a messenger and a staff

Dear Saints,

God, a messenger and a staff.
Acts 11:14 who will speak to you words by which you will be saved; you and your household.
I was listening to a video blog and the man of God said – God, a messenger and a staff and the words fell into my spirit and I knew God was saying something to me. It seems that God is speaking in and through many different ways, a friend has butterflies sitting on him and birds sitting on his arm. Many times, God tries to get our attention and we do not discern that He is trying to get our attention.
A few years ago, I had a vision of Moses and his staff and wondered what God was saying to me. He told me that Moses declined to be the mouthpiece of God to Pharaoh, and God said “ what do you have in your hand” He told Moses to throw down his staff and it turned into a snake, can you imagine, poor Moses must have took off into the bushes. God told me that the anointing to perform the miracles of the plaques was transferred to the staff. I have been meditating on the words God, a messenger and a staff the whole weekend. The staff represents signs and wonders, but God does not do anything on the earth, since Jesus left except through a person, that is the messenger, God gives us a message for the world, so we are His messengers, the staff then represents the gifts He gives us to perform His works on the earth.
We are entering the season of the last harvest. God is talking to you about your message that He wants YOU to take to a fallen world. A lost world. He will empower you just as He empowered Moses to “GO AND FREE those that are bound by the enemy. He has given you a staff – a gift – are you using it to reach the lost. Or are you just going to church on Sunday and visiting a mid-week meeting and you are not using your staff to pull the lost towards you so that you can use your gift that God has given you to set them free.
I was also meditating on the vision that the lady at that home fellowship saw. I was standing in a field of poppies (representing the lost) I had a staff in my hands, and I was pulling people towards me and I had my bible in my hand. This was a perfect picture of “God, a messenger and a staff” don’t you think?
Wow! God is good, at first, I thought it was just God reminding me of the poppy field, but the more I thought about it, the more I felt that this was a message for the body of Christ. The world is in a turmoil, and we have wars, rumours of wars, earthquakes, and floods. Just as Jesus said it would be, He also said it would be a time just as it was in the days of Noah. Do not think that by just going to church you are safe and your salvation is sure, Jesus did say that we should go out and reach those that are in highways and byways of the world. I know we are not all called to be Evangelists, but we are called to reach those around us that are lost. Ask God what message you are to deliver and ask Him for the staff that will help you to pull those lost into the Kingdom.
Find out what your gift is and go and use it.
I just want to thank the Lord for the rain we have had, after that terrible drought it has been so refreshing, although the wind storm did cause me to hold onto the bookcase one night hoping all the books and DVD’s would not land on the floor, lol, but we survived. May God send you spiritual rain this week to refresh you and fill you with the water of His word.
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How to do soaking prayer

Dear Saints,

How to do Soaking Prayer
You can seek the Lord through soaking prayer anywhere, and at any time. Soaking prayer can be done in a church service, or in a cell group, youth group, or Sunday school class. You can be alone, or with your spouse, or children. Or you can invite friends to your home, and you can take turns praying for one another.
Many people like to go into a private room, lock the door and lie down on the floor as they prepare to enter into the presence of God.
When you soak, you might want to put on some quiet instrumental or worship music. Some people grab a pillow and a blanket to be comfortable. Others climb into their favourite chair! Others lie down on the floor, or on their bed.
But you don’t have to lie down. The key is to be in a safe, comfortable place where you can open yourself up and spend quality time with your Heavenly Father. This helps you to quiet your soul, draw near to God, and listen to His voice.
At first your mind might be buzzing with thoughts. Don’t try to wrestle with them. Instead, just wait for them to settle, yielding your thoughts to the Holy Spirit. If you are distracted don’t become frustrated. Just simply turn your attention back to the Lord.
Some people bring a journal to write down these thoughts to consider at a later time. This helps them to remove the distractions from their mind so they can focus on the Lord.
As you quiet yourself, begin reflecting on the cross and all that Jesus has lovingly purchased for you. Begin confessing your sins to Him and tell Him how you long to be close to Him. As you repent of your sins, receive God’s forgiveness as you press forward in prayer.
After a few moments, you will start to become aware of the Holy Spirit’s presence. You may want to worship the Lord for awhile, both in your native language and in the language of the Holy Spirit.
At this point you may want to pray the prayer of Romans 6:13b: …present yourselves to God as being alive from the dead, and your members as instruments of righteousness to God. You may want to meditate on God’s goodness in your life and bring to mind experiences with the Lord, like healings, miracles and provision in your past. You may want to recall the ways He has manifested Himself in your life. This creates an atmosphere of expectancy and an awareness of His presence.
Tell the Lord how much you love Him. Ask Him for more of His presence, more of His fullness and more of His glory to be manifested in your life. You may want to repeat this prayer as you wait on the Lord and focus on Him: “God, I want to know you. I want more of You; more of Your Presence, more of Your fullness and more of Your glory in my life.” Then become quiet and listen for His voice. You may hear His still, small voice speaking to you at this point. Or you may have a vision or some other supernatural experience. During these soaking times you position yourself to receive impressions, pictures, angelic visitations, and other supernatural revelations.
Experiencing the intimate presence of your Heavenly Father will radically change your life. As people have made soaking prayer a part of their lives, they have experienced God’s manifested presence in various ways. For some it can be a sensation of heat, electricity, or shaking. For others it is an overwhelming sense of peace, a feeling of lightness, or abundant joy that brings on weeping and laughter. Experiencing the manifest presence of God is not to be our goal, but it is a by-product of pressing in to knowing God. It is also a gateway into the supernatural realm where we can see God, hear His voice, walk with Him, and be filled afresh with His Spirit. A wonderful by-product of this refilling is receiving the compassion of Christ for the lost and the power of the Holy Spirit for ministry.
The key is learning to wait on the Lord until you experience His manifest presence. This is something that you can do daily.

Here are some ways that people have discovered to soak in God’s presence during times of contemplative prayer:
Find a comfortable place;
You may want to lie down;
Settle down and open your heart to the Lord;
Relax and just enjoy being still;
Listen to worship music and invite the Holy Spirit to speak to you;
Invite the Holy Spirit to soak you in His presence;
Pray and surrender yourself to the lordship of Jesus Christ — spirit, soul (mind, will, and emotions) and body;
Focus on the Lord’s presence within you;
Rest in faith, believing He is working in you;
Take as much time as you can (try to give yourself at least 20 minutes to relax and receive);
Respond to the direction of the Father;
Get up refreshed and full of the Holy Spirit;
Watch with expectancy as God moves in your life and in the world around you.
As you soak in the presence of God you may want to turn to the Scripture and ask the Holy Spirit to help you choose a passage to meditate upon. This is not for the purpose of study, but for experiencing God. Read a small portion of the passage slowly and meditate upon it until the Lord gives you revelation. Madame Jeanne Guyon encouraged seekers to press in to the depth of the biblical passage “until revelation, like a sweet aroma breaks upon you.” “In praying the Scripture,” she explained, “you are seeking to find the Lord in what you are reading. In the very words themselves. In this path, therefore, the content of the Scripture is the focal point of your attention. Your purpose is to take everything from the passage that unveils the Lord to you.”
But remember, soaking is about ‘being’ with God, not ‘doing’ things for God. There should be no agenda. Just ‘be’ with God, communing with your loving Father. Soaking prayer is a way for us to show God that we are laying down our agenda and humbling ourselves before Him. As we soak in prayer, we surrender control, confirming His lordship in our lives.
The Fruit of Soaking in God’s Presence
Intimacy with the Father is one of the missing pieces of the Christian experience that God is restoring to the Church today. As believers soak in the presence of the Lord, sometimes He will fill them with His love and they will respond with a heart of love. Other times He will heal a deep wound. On another occasion He may empower you for ministry, or reveal a ministry calling. As He immerses you in His healing love through soaking prayer you will grow in your love for God and then carry that love into every area of your life. Contemplative prayer creates an intimacy with God that will motivate you to have compassion for others. That love will then motivate you to serve the Lord by serving others and telling them the Good News of the Gospel. Another result of spending time with God is that He releases His power through us as we dwell in intimacy with him. The outworking of His presence through soaking prayer includes signs, wonders, and miracles.
During times of soaking prayer people are set free from fear, shame, and unforgiveness. In God’s presence they are filled with hope, joy, love, and power. Physical and emotional healings can happen spontaneously. We can experience God through words, pictures, visions, and His still, small voice — or just His peace and His love. The Bible is clear that these sorts of supernatural experiences can be an ongoing part of life for the New Testament believer. You can experience dreams (Genesis 28:10-16; 37:5-11; Dan. 2; Matt. 1:20; 2:12; Acts 2:17), visions (Gen. 15:1; Num. 12:6; 2 Sam. 7:4-17; Daniel 7:1-3, 9; Acts 9:10-16; 10:3; 16:9-10,), trances (Acts 10:9-17, 11:5), out of body experiences (2 Cor. 12:2-4), angelic visitations (Luke 1:11-17, 1:57, Acts 12:7-10), and being transported in the Spirit (Acts 8:39-40).
Through soaking prayer, we come to the Lord expecting nothing. Instead, we are merely expressing a desire to be with Him. But as we spend significant time in His presence, we will begin to become more like Him, and we will bear Christ-like fruit. Jesus promised that if we would abide in Him the Father would be glorified and we would bear much fruit. (John 15:4-8)

Don’t forget my prayer altar ministry, send me your prayers I lay my hands on them and lift them up before God. If these letters have touched your heart, please pass them on to others. Consider putting them on my e- mail list. If you need salvation contact me so I can give you the necessary information. Thank you to those who are sowing into this work. May God bless you abundantly!!