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Dear Saints,

                                       Transhumanism is this our future?

A friend sent me a video and she asked me if this was Armageddon. No, my friend, it is not, but it is leading to things that will be used during the tribulation.

It is basically the transformation of the human body linked to machines. Whoever ‘’they’’ want to merge the human body with machines to make the body stronger. It is a good idea to help those who are injured or cannot walk to help them to walk again. I am all for that, but to enhance your body with implants that will help you to win against others in a race, no I do not think so, that is not ethical. People are now having their feet amputated to attach blades that will make them run faster. Imagine, that, they chop your leg off so you can have a blade attached. Now think about implants in your brain that will allow you to interact with a computer. You can come home and interact with your computer inside the house, open the door without a key, put the kettle on, switch on the TV, open the curtains, etc. All with a chip that they implanted in your brain.  Sounds exciting but it is the forerunner to the chip that will force you to take in the tribulation and you will lose your soul.

Another idea is that they will make the soldiers so strong that no man can fight against them in a war. Super soldier ideas have been around for some time. But it will not end there, they will keep on enhancing man so that eventually they will be seen as gods.  Oh yes, satan will love this idea and is probably behind it, as long as he can take us away from worshipping the God that created us.

Man is flawed only because of sin. Adam was made in the image of God, he was perfect, and he had a body that would last forever and forever, then he sinned and lost the spiritual garment, and he became a mere mortal. Now they are trying to create a perfect man that will live forever, don’t worry if your skin gets old, there will be the medicine you can take to rejuvenate it. Losing your strength as you get old, don’t worry, they will replace your limbs with implants that will make you strong again. Your eyes get dim, don’t worry they will have new eyes produced in a lab to replace the old ones and they will be better and last forever. And so it goes on. Imagine if everyone on the planet lives forever, we will be so overcrowded, and not enough food to feed everyone oh I forgot they will enhance the seed and it will produce a great crop, the only problem is you cannot replant the seed and eventually the original seeds will run out. Not to worry I am sure they will be able to produce artificial food. Do you see where this is going?

No, we are not in the tribulation, but they are experimenting with stuff that will be used in the tribulation to control the masses.

Some of what they are doing is benefitting mankind. The only problem is there are always people who will be influenced by evil people who just want to make money. Live forever sounds great, but practical no way! Then you have people who have themselves frozen, they died of a sickness that is not curable at this time, so freeze me up for when you have the solution. Only this may take years and years, and then when they unfreeze you and cure you, you have no money to live on, and your great great, grandkids have to take care of you, maybe they will not be so willing. God did not create us to live forever here on this earth, He did create a spirit inside of you that will have a glorified body and then you will live forever, and it will be perfect, never wear out, never get old, is it not better to go for that option? God made us perfect but sin destroyed His creation, but He has a solution waiting for you if you turn back to Him.

When you are young there is so much you want to do and see, but when you get old, there is this longing to go to a better place, why? Because God has placed something inside of you that draws you to Him. If you have faith in Him and believe His word, He will heal you, there are many accounts of miracles, even people raised from the dead. Why put your faith in a machine that could fail.



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                                                          HADASSAH MINISTRY

                                   DID YOU KNOW THAT GOD KNITS?  

Dear Saints,

     It is not a joke, He really does, let us go and look in the Word to show you that it is true.

Psalms 139:13

13 For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.

I received this word from the Lord, and I just could not stop thinking about it.

You mom and dad got together and the sperm fertilized the egg, and a blob was made, it had no life, it was just a part of your mom in her womb. Then God started to knit, and created your inmost being. I saw God take a pair of knitting needles, and then He took a part of Himself, we shall call that the wool, and fastened it to the knitting needle and started to cast on stitches, He knitted the stitches into a row and continued to knit for a while then He twisted the knitting, I was fascinated, but realized that what He was making was the strand of DNA. He was creating you, just as a knitter would be creating a pattern. You don’t just start knitting hoping you will create a garment. You find a pattern, and follow the instructions so that you will make the garment perfect. You have to make sure that the back and front are the same length, or that the arms are the same length and width.  Let’s look at the next verses.

14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

15 My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place, when I was woven together in the depths of the earth.

16 Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.

You see you were in heaven with God before He put you in your mother’s womb. Then when He put you inside that blob, which became your body, He had to form your soul. But even before He did that He wrote a book about you that is really neat.

He continued the knitting because He had to make that blob into what would become you, when you are born. Certain things had to be determined. What color hair, what color eyes, tall or short, which is also contributed by the DNA from both parents.

God also put certain traits in, would you be shy? Or bold? Well the lists go on and on. So He knitted a certain pattern that would make you unique. Even your fingerprint which would only belong to you, no one else has your fingerprint, have you ever thought about that.

Now God had finished knitting and your soul was complete. Only the blob still needed something else. You see God wanted to put into you a little part of Himself.

Just like a knitter would follow a pattern designed by someone else but decided to use another color, or add another stitch which would alter the pattern, maybe add a crochet flower to the collar, or change the collar. Just something that would make the garment personal. God wanted you to have something that only He could create.

He took a little of His spirit and placed it into the blob. Unfortunately because of the sin of Adam, you are born spiritually dead. In other words you are not even aware that you have a spirit, a little piece of God inside of you. But there is hope, because one day you will be led to the altar and you will give your life to God, and He will send the Holy Spirit to ignite that dead spirit inside of you and suddenly you will find yourself connected to God. Now you can communicate with God, you can hear His voice.

Let’s go back to when God placed your spirit inside of you, as I said you are born spiritually dead. God had to find a way to connect the three parts of your body together and so He took a silver chord and tied all three of them together. Now when you get born again, your spirit can communicate with your soul.  Now you ask where do I get them from let’s look in the word.

New Living Translation
Yes, remember your Creator now while you are young, before the silver cord of life snaps

You see this silver cord is called the cord of life. It is what keeps your spirit inside of your body. When you die that cord snaps and you cannot return to your body.

Have you ever wondered why there are so many different kinds of religions? Well not everyone grows up in a Christian home, and so they are not told about God. But that knitting that God did in your mother’s womb, and the spirit He placed inside of you, that spirit came from God, You were floating up there in heaven until God decided it was time you had a body. That is what He did for Jesus. You see Jesus is a spirit, but to come and die for your sins He needed a body. So the Holy Spirit put Him inside of Mary’s womb, so he could grow a body. Now when we grow up there is something inside of you that starts to seek God.

But as I said not everyone grows up a Christian, so they start to look for God, they don’t always know that they are looking for Him, but there is something inside of you that is seeking something. That leads you into a religion, or you just believe in something you call the Universe or mother earth. It is because that spirit that God knitted into you, is longing to get back to God. Many people think that they can satisfy that urge, by becoming rich, and then they do not need anything. But you can go and ask any rich person, and they will tell you that they are still searching. Not any amount of riches will satisfy that hunger, some will go into drugs, or seek fame as a famous actor. We are all searching for something, because there is something inside of you that nothing on this earth can satisfy.

Many Christians search because even though they sit in a church, there is still something missing.

When Jesus left the earth He told the disciples, not to do anything or go anywhere but to go to the Upper Room and wait for something.  They did not really understand because the Holy Spirit had not been poured out on the earth, He was still in heaven. Jesus said I must go so that He can come. What happened? The Holy Spirit came like a mighty rushing wind and flames of fire was seen on their heads. Their spirit man was ignited, it came alive and they were connected to the Father, They then went out and spoke the Word in power, and 3000 souls came into the Kingdom, they then went out and fulfilled Mathew 29, they raised the dead, healed the sick, drove out demons. 

Are you not glad that God decided to become a knitter; you are wonderfully and fearfully made? In other words even the devil is envious of you, even though he was the most beautiful creature in heaven, and pride made him fall, he cannot compare what God created in you. If I was you I would fall on my knees and worship Him, He made you in His image. You are a part of God, the creator of heaven and earth.

I will never look at my knitting needles ever again in the same way. Have a blessed week.



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Dear Saints,

When witchcraft comes to your house

A relative wanted to play the horses so she visited a Malay lady hoping she would win some money.

I told her that gambling was not good. I was saved but not filled with the spirit and did not really know much about demons and witchcraft although I grew up in Africa.

One day she came back from a visit to this lady and told me that I had to warn my husband who was a dog handler in the police to keep the dog with him at all times as he would be attacked. I told her to please tell this woman not to send me messages. Nothing happened and I forgot about it, still warning my relative not to go there. She came back with another message that my husband would be stabbed, I again told her to tell this woman not to send me messages. My husband was stabbed but only two small cuts on his arms.

A short while later I was in bed and my husband had fallen asleep, suddenly I noticed a black swirling cloud next to my bed, I was terrified and could not move or speak with fear. There was a loud banging in my head as if something was trying to kill me. I tried to wake my husband, but my arms were paralyzed, then I remembered someone had said that you should use the name of Jesus when demons attacked.

I whispered ”go in the name of Jesus” and poof it was gone. I sat up and woke my husband who told me to go back to sleep as it was a dream.

A few nights later the same thing happened, but this time I was lying on my tummy and suddenly it appeared and I was being lifted up towards the ceiling, I tried to grab the mattress but the sheet just came out and I continued to rise up, I knew I had to do something before this thing lifted me up high and then dropped me, I could be seriously injured maybe even die. I once again remembered and whispered again ” go in the name of Jesus” and I fell down on the bed.

The next day I swapped the lounge and the bedroom around. I went to the kitchen and got a glass of cold water to drink, I left the empty glass on the dining room table and started walking away, I heard a crash and glass breaking and looked back and the glass was shattered on the floor. After that anything made of glass in the kitchen suddenly broke, and I had to pack all the glass stuff away and use plastic.

We were renovating and had bought a large mirror to put on the cupboards we were going to build into the bedroom next to the fireplace. For safekeeping, I placed the mirror behind the bathroom door that had a stopper. I removed the round mirror from the other cupboard and put it behind the door in the children’s bedroom that we were painting. I covered it with my poncho. I was watering the garden one day, and I could see down the passage into the bathroom, a movement caught my eye and as I looked I saw the mirror move out behind the door and fall against the bath, breaking in three places. There was no way that could have happened by itself.

A few days later I was again watering the garden when I heard a sound like something turning and a crash, I ran inside and checked until I came to the children’s bedroom and found the mirror lying in pieces on the opposite side of the room.

I was livid, I knew it was this thing that was in the house. I could not go into the lounge at night when my husband was working and sitting in my chair, I could sense it sitting there.

I did not know how to get rid of it, had never heard of people casting out demons in our time. I did read about it in the bible. I shared all this with my relative, she went to the chemist and came back with some camphor blocks that she put in a holder and burnt. I just shook my head as I did not believe that, that would work. I was left sitting on my bed and reading and listening to the radio until my husband came back from work.

One warm evening I wanted to go and sit in the lounge in my chair and of course, it was sitting there, I lost it, I put my hands on my side, glared at it and said ”My God’s muti is stronger than her muti, (I was convinced it was that woman who my relative visited, that was responsible for all this stuff that was happening in my home) now go back and tell her that” I shouted. Then I went back to my bedroom.

That was Monday evening at about 8 pm.

That Saturday my relative went to visit the lady again, even though I had told her not to go there, and she came back in tears, I asked her ”what happened, did you have an accident” she told me that she went to visit that woman and found out that she had died. I asked her when it happened, and she said ”Monday evening around 8pm, she was eating and said she did not feel well and went to lay down, and 10 minutes later they found out that she had died, the doctors did not know what she had died of.

Of course, I was horrified, was I responsible for her death, I did tell that thing to go back to her, and apparently, it did, and it killed her. Believe me, that was not my intention, but I had had enough of this thing causing havoc in my house, I was afraid it would kill me or my family. I did feel that her blood was on my hands but later I convinced myself that it was her own fault for dabbling in the occult.

You see how dangerous it is when you get involved in witchcraft, it could kill you.

There are some Christians that are getting involved in the New Age movement, using crystals, reading their palms, or teacups, and wearing those fairies on a chain around their necks. It is not good and you are opening the door for demons to come in.

Talking about fairies. Many years later I was filled with the spirit and had a better understanding of our authority over demons, and was asked to come and pray in a lady’s house, she could not sleep at night.

My friend and I went there and I stood in the room and asked the Holy Spirit to reveal to me what was in the room. My eyes fell on a fairy that was hanging on the wall. I told her to take it out and burn it.

She refused as her grandchildren had made it for her, I told her it was demonic and it was her choice, to get rid of it or not sleep at night.

Reluctantly she took it down and my friend went outside with her to burn the fairy. I stayed in the room, asking the Holy Spirit to cleanse the room, suddenly I saw a tiny fairy come flying at me, he looked vicious and he was gnashing his teeth, I said ”go in the Name of Jesus” and it turned and flew out the window followed by a black bird. The next day the lady told us that she had slept like a baby.

Be careful what you put in your home. There was one lady that had frogs everywhere in her house, but she had no idea that she was making an idol out of the frog. I found out that the frog was a god that was worshipped in Egypt, and that was why God sent it as a plague.

Another thing that I noticed was how many Christians had Buddha sitting on their fireplace or someplace in their home, it is a false god, and they just do not realize that they are opening the door for demons to come in. Besides God is a jealous God He will not allow us to worship any other god.

Maybe you should go around your house and check those ornaments you are adorning your house with.

I cleaned house and got rid of everything and was patting myself on the back, when God told me I had an idol, I argued with Him and told Him I had cleaned house, He reminded me of a rock that I had in the lounge, it was a rock with a flower on and a pretty little bird and the words ”peace” was written on it.

He said ” not my peace” which was made in China. Sure enough, I tipped it over, and there it was ”made in China” He told me they are mass-produced and it was not His peace. I took it out and got a hammer and hit it until it was in pieces, a strange blue and green cloud came out of the rock which was actually made out of cement. I was relieved that God had shown me that I was putting a false peace into my home.

Maybe it is time to go and clean house people, and get yourself equipped to deal with demons. After all, Jesus gave us authority over them.



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                                          HADASSAH MINISTRY

Dear Saints,


I recently read an article about what was required from the priest that was chosen to go beyond the veil once a year.

He had to make sure that he did not miss one requirement before entering because it could cost his life. You see Jesus had not died and the yearly sacrifice of blood had to be put on the mercy seat to atone for the sins of the people.

He had to put on the priestly garment after washing himself and putting blood on his toe and his forehead. He had to mix certain spices to put in the container that he was taking with him.

The people took no chance and tied a rope to his leg, just incase he missed one of the required rituals and died inside the chamber, then they could pull him out as no one was allowed to enter the holy of holies.

The priest added coals to the container with the spices and perfumes and made smoke, then he lifted the curtain and held the container inside and swung it around so that the whole chamber would be covered by smoke. He must not be able to be seen walking around inside, so he would have to feel his way to the mercy seat to pour out the blood.

Another requirement was that they put bells on the bottom of his garment so that they could hear him moving around. If the bells stopped ringing they knew that he was dead and would then pull him out.

Are we not lucky that Jesus came and died and we no longer have to rely on a man to sacrifice blood on the altar for our sins. Only the High priest could do that and only once a year. We have the privilege of going to the Father because of the sacrifice that Jesus made. When He died the veil was torn, that was God saying it is finished. No more sacrifice it is done. We no longer have to hope that the man did not mess up and made it to the mercy seat. No beloved we can now go beyond the veil, we can take our praise and worship to God, that is something they could not even do, we no longer have to rely on someone else we have the right to go beyond the veil and spend time in the presence of the Lord.

I never really understood what they meant by coming into the presence of the Lord, after all He is up there in heaven seated by the right-hand side of the Father.  After going through bible school and being taught by my merry band of Charismatic friends, and reading some good Christian books, I now realize that what they meant was you have to pull down the presence and the way to do that is through praise and worship, not bringing your sins for forgiveness that is covered by the blood.

The next thing I had to learn was how to bring down that presence, what was praise and worship and what is the difference. When Cathryn told me to separate myself and pray my friend Lucienne gave me a worship cd. I then read that a lady who was very much in the presence of God said “praise until the worship comes, worship until the glory comes then stand in the glory.”

I was determined to stand in that glory. I realized that there was a difference between the two first the praise is us coming to God to thank Him for what He has done for us. Then you feel a shift and you get quiet and then you forget everything around you and you fall at his feet and worship like Mary that washed His feet with precious ointment and wiped his feet with her hair. Realise what He means to you, He is your Saviour, your Lord, your Father, He created you, instead of clapping hands and dancing you are lying on the floor in humbleness before your creator and guess what He turns up and you are overwhelmed with His presence, it permeates every part of your being, don’t be surprised if tears of joy start falling down your cheeks. You feel His peace surrounding you and then His Glory surrounds you and guess what – He starts to speak to you – He pours out His love on you. All you want to do at that moment is camp out there for the rest of your life, haha, but that will not happen because then like Enoch you will be pulled into Heaven.

You have to come out of it and you are undone. You are overwhelmed by His love for you.

Now, are you not glad that you have to send a mere man to go and take your prayer requests to the Father behind a veil that you cannot go behind and spend time in His presence? You have the great privilege of going behind a veil that is split and you can experience for yourself the presence of all mighty God. My friend Marie and myself were led by the Holy Spirit to go and meet Jesus in the throne room, we just closed our eyes and stepped into the throne room in a vision, why? Because we could and we met Jesus and we spent many hours sitting by His feet and talking to him, he often gave us gifts that when you go and look at them in a dream dictionary meant something to you. Like He often gave us precious stones and then when you went and looked at what they meant His love for you was communicated to you, I often just ran into the throne room when Ia was feeling down and asked for a Hug. Maybe you can do that He loves to give hugs.

I hope you enjoyed today’s lesson and would love to hear from you telling me your experience in the Glory.

Keep well and be safe.




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Dear Saints,

                                An out of the box Christian

One of the first prophetic words I received the lady said “ God says “do not let them put you in box”

I had no idea what that meant, all I knew was that God was saying things that scared the pants off me, no kidding.  Then He led me from one new revelation to the next, I was amazed at what He was doing in my life. Suddenly I could pray, again no kidding, all I could pray was “ thank you God for ……. And then I added a list.

Have you noticed when you allow God to come into your life, that He really messes you up, and people start to look at you funny. He took me out of a safe nominal church where all I had to do was become baptised and attend Sunday Services and threw me among a group of people that fascinated me at the same time scared me to death.  Then He spoke to me audibly and I did not know what to make of that, especially when I asked and no one else had heard Him speak to them audibly, I thought “ I could not have imagined that, He speaks very loud” 

The group He placed me in, took me from a shy, placid housewife to a person that could not shut up. I started to see Him answer prayers and I started to operate in powers I had never known before only heard great preachers from long ago had done that. Suddenly I had faith and was running with it and I suppose God had to reign me in now and then.

I walked into a library and a lady came up and said “ I see a light shining out of you” I thought ‘what have you been smoking”  but now I ask “ can people see the light of God shining out of you? “

Well my journey with the Lord has been an out of the box one. Suddenly God put in me the desire to do things others do not seem to do, maybe they just want to be placid Christians who sit in the pews every week. BUT not me, no way and of course I get into trouble. What if I tell you that I picked up a burden for a rock? Yes you read correctly, a rock that was dug up when workers built a highway, but I saw on tv how the Hari Chrisna people were worshipping it and I thought “ no way” we have such an awesome God to worship and they worship a rock. Well I picked up that burden and got on God’s case about it. Yes I did, was I being presumptuous, maybe! Who gave me the right to hang onto God’s garment and demand that He destroy the rock? Well I did not know better, I was just so filled with the desire to serve God and maybe I thought I had to defend Him, who knows I was a baby born again Christian and did not really know what I was doing. But I was reading about revivals in the past and what people did to bring them about. I thought maybe God will listen to me and do something about stopping them from worshipping that rock.

Have you done something crazy like that, well I have read that others have and God came through, maybe you should do something out of the box and see what God does.

Well the burden was just not going away and so one night I fell on my knees beside my bed and grabbed hold of His garment in prayer and kept on until three in the morning, then suddenly the burden lifted.  To my shock and amazement the next morning I saw on the news that at the time the burden lifted there was an earthquake, God had broken the rock, (only years later He informs me that I caused that earthquake with my prayers) 

Now again I ask you what has your prayers accomplished, are you still hoping that God will answer your prayer or are you going to start walking in the authority you gave you, see I told you I am out of the box.

My friends taught me that we have authority and one of them had a plant that never flowered, she walked up to it and told it that it was time to produce and a few days later she saw the plant was covered in flowers, she is also an out of the box Christian. We attended a wedding out side and it was hot, we saw a cloud coming and she said “pray and tell that cloud to stop” well I thought she was crazy but decided “oh well” and started to command that cloud to stop, and to my amazement it did and stayed there until the Pastor said Amen then it moved off.

A friend and I decided to go and pray for someone who had aids, well I was scared stiff, thinking that if I touched her I would get the sickness, I stood by her feet and gently touched them but felt safe as they were covered by a blanket, then, the Lord said “what are you doing?” I told Him we were praying for her. He said “ go up to her face and put your face against hers then pray” I knew I had to obey, but I still was afraid that I would get the sickness, but obeyed and went and placed my face right next to hers, the sweat came off her and I could feel it on my cheek, but decided that I had to be obedient, and of course I did not get aids, but the next week at the meeting she came in and told us that she had been healed. You see out of the box. Has God ever asked you to do something out of the box or are you still prepared to be safe and just sit in the pew. Let the Pastors and other fivefold ministers do the crazy things.

Well I hope you will think about where you are and what you are prepared to do. Just read in the bible the crazy things they had to do. Abraham had to go and sacrifice his only son, knowing that he was the promise of many nations coming from him, and he obeyed and God provided the sacrifice.

Moses had to go back to Egypt to set his people free, imagine how the people would say “who are you to come to us you grew up amongst these people who made us slaves”

Christianity is not just about what church you belong to, what you believe, or not believe.  When you gave your heart to Jesus you said “ come and live in my heart and be my Lord and Saviour” no it means I will serve you no matter what you ask of me. Have you not said in your heart – Lord use me – if you have not maybe you should do that this week.

I have a friend who once said to me “ you go where the angels fear to tread.” But I say I go where the Lord sends me and I know He will send His angels to help me fulfil the task.

I think the biggest problem is that people do not hear the Lord’s voice. They are busy with their lives, running from one bible program to the next, one service to the next, you see what the Lord did for me was He told me to separate myself and pray. Then when I had met the Holy Spirit and started to know Jesus better and even started to get close to the Father, He could use me. For many years I sat in a church, I had been water baptised and thought that was all I had to do, I was safe, but I still was not sure if I could make it to heaven. I did not know about the Bema judgement seat of Christ where our works for Christ would be judged, I would have walked away with maybe only the crown of salvation on my head, and others would be receiving crowns for bringing in the lost, I had no idea how to do that and no one was teaching me.

Every Christian should at least go to a Bible school and get taught on how to be an effective Christian,  not everyone will be one of those out of the box crazy Christians, but I sure became one and loved every minute of it.

My journey with the Lord has been one of awe and amazement as He revealed His love for me and the closer you come to Him you become putty in His hands, and you will go to the ends of the earth for Him after all Jesus died on the cross for you, He took all your sins and through Him you have the right to enter the courts of Heaven and meet the Father, is His sacrifice not worth giving Him your life and saying “ HERE I AM LORD USE ME”

If you do that He will use you and He will protect you. He is your Shepherd and you have to learn to hear His voice.

I saw a vision of a table laden with food and I heard Him say “I have prepared a table before you” Psm 23 well I think it is time to step out of the box again, it seems He has prepared something for me.  I give you this Psalm for this week to ponder over, what are you waiting for “step out of the box”

Psa 23:1  A Psalm of David. Jehovah is my Shepherd; I shall not want. 

Psa 23:2  He makes me to lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside the still waters. 

Psa 23:3  He restores my soul; He leads me in paths of righteousness for His name’s sake. 

Psa 23:4  Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me. 

Psa 23:5  You prepare a table for me in the presence of my enemies; You anoint my head with oil; my cup runs over. 

Psa 23:6  Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; and I shall dwell in the house of Jehovah forever

Have a blessed week.



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Dear Saints,

The Holy Book
Thank you all for my birthday wishes I had a lovely day, I was amazed at all the well wishes from all over the world, blessings to you all,
When I read this article I just knew I had to share it. It made me think about how little regard I sometimes view my bible these days when I use the one on my pc all the time now. I used to hold mine every day in my hand and it gave me much comfort. I have it on my bedside table,  We don’t appreciate what we have until it is taken away. . The persecution is well under way we have just not realized it. Enjoy the article and have tissues in hand. Please pray for my dear sister in Christ who needs extra-ordinary prayer to build up her faith as she faces a dire situation

Before we go to the article I just want to share a miracle, I bought some beading neadles extra long and they open in the middle which makes threading it so much easier,  But they are expensive, and some time ago I lost one, I looked everywhere but could not find it, Just in case I bought another set, but asked the Lord to send an angel to find the missing one. Last night I opened a bag with some odd wool that I am busy using to make beanies and there was the needle. Praise God He is so good. Now read the story and appreciate the fact that you can openly still read the Word of God and preach the Gospel.
He Waited a Lifetime to See the Bible
Mark Ellis (Aug 17, 2012)
“He still remembered his grandmother telling him about the true God, Jesus, and about the Holy Book. He spent his whole life waiting to hold the Bible. He believed in the God of the Bible before he died.”
(Mauritania)—[Note: the names in the story have been changed for protection]. When a young Mauritanian Muslim received Christ in the U.S., he had no idea how God would use a return visit to his homeland.

“My husband invited Ahmad over for dinner,” recalls Samya Johnson, cofounder of Call of Love Ministries. While Samya and her husband Mike had a pleasant evening with Ahmad in their Cincinnati home, the young man refused to eat any of the food they placed before him.
“He was afraid we would put poison in the food,” Samya notes. “He was also shocked that I, as a woman, would talk to him.”
Later, as their friendship blossomed, Ahmad prayed to receive Christ with Mike. Ahmad said a huge burden “rolled off his back,” and a peace and joy swept over him. He cried in front of Samya and Mike, overwhelmed by the love he felt from God.
Ahmad wanted to return to visit his family in Mauritania, but he faced a dilemma. He left his country labeled a “revolutionist.” He knew he would be refused entry to Mauritania if he attempted to fly there directly. Instead, he decided to fly into a neighboring country and travel across the border on foot.
As he prepared to leave, he placed a small copy of the New Testament in his pocket. “He knew it would endanger his life if someone found it,” Samya notes.
After a difficult journey over many days, Ahmad finally arrived at his village after nightfall, with his New Testament undiscovered.
First, he visited his Muslim father, but didn’t dare tell him he had become a Christian.
His father had some sad news. One of their dearest family friends, a neighbor named Yacoub, was seriously ill. In fact, Yacoub had been sick for almost 16 years. But he had taken a downturn, and his daughters informed them he might die within the week.
For almost a month, Yacoub had been telling his daughters, “I will not die before I see the Book.” Then three days before Ahmad’s arrival, he started saying, “The Book is coming! The Book is coming!”
Yacoub’s daughters wondered if he was demented or delusional. Perhaps his mind was failing with the rest of his tired body. Still, they encouraged Ahmad to come by their home to encourage their father, knowing his time might be short.
When Ahmad entered the ailing man’s room, Yacoub sat up in his bed. It was the first time he had raised himself to a sitting position without assistance in many months.
As the two men embraced, Yacoub whispered in Ahmad’s ear, “You have the Book with you, isn’t that right?”
Ahmad pulled back slightly, then said cautiously, “Do you mean the Quran?”
“No! No! The Holy Book. The Holy Book,” he replied.
Then Ahmad remembered the New Testament still in his pocket. He pulled it out and placed it in the man’s weathered hands.
Like Simeon when he beheld the Christ child in the Temple, Yacoub’s face brightened. “Sovereign Lord, as You have promised, You now dismiss your servant in peace. For my eyes have seen Your salvation…” (Luke 2:29-30)
Yacoub put his head back on the bed and closed his eyes. Then he fell into a deep sleep, his face one of utter contentment.

The next day Yacoub’s daughters came running to the house. “That was the first time our father slept peacefully through the night,” they reported, “and at dawn he passed away.”
The back-story to Yacoub’s lifelong wish is important, Samya notes. “Later Ahmad found out this old man belonged to a tribe in the mountains that were Christians, but they were converted by force 60 years ago,” she recounts. “But he still remembered his grandmother telling him about the true God, Jesus, and about the Holy Book.”
“He spent his whole life waiting to hold the Bible,” she adds. “He believed in the God of the Bible before he died.”
The next day, Ahmad went with Yacoub’s son to bury the body in the desert. Ahmad was conflicted, however, because he knew that his family would want him to be buried the Islamic way, with the head facing east, toward Mecca.
As the two men attempted to dig a hole in an east-west alignment, the parched, rocky ground refused to open.
Approximately three-fourths of Mauritania is desert or semi-desert. Because of extensive and severe drought, the desert has been growing there since the mid-1960s. “It never rains in Mauritania,” Samya observes, but when it rains, it’s a flood.” While they dug, a storm broke forth with fury, and a flood followed unlike anything Ahmad had seen in his life.
After struggling for a time under the severe conditions, Yacoub’s son returned to the village. Once he left, Ahmad began to dig a hole in a north-south direction.
“Suddenly it was as if the ground opened by itself,” Samya reports. After Ahmad marked the burial spot with a stone, he began to worry. He knew that Muslims would visit the gravesite the next day and see Yacoub was not buried according to their tradition.
The next day, after the storm subsided, villagers went to inspect the burial field. The flood had washed away all the grave markers, so no one could tell that Yacoub was buried with his head facing true north.
Ahmad shook his head in wonder. “He is the God of nature!” he exclaimed. “That was a miracle all on its own.”

Something that the Lord reminded of this morning, was one of the reasons He asked me to start my prayer altar again, was that I am supposed to pray over prayer requests, some time back I was told that I would have a prayer request ministry where I pray over envelopes, but although I requested people to send me their prayer requests by post it never happened. Well our Post Office service in this country is shutting down, due to mismanagement, so it is not guarenteed that I would even receive your envelope, but we do have the internet, so you are welcome to send me your prayer request, and I will write it out on a piece of paper and then lay my hands on it and pray. Let’s see if God will move maybe the time was not right before. I believe when God gives you a prophesy it will come to pass.



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I may not be perfect, but Jesus thinks I’m to die for

                                        HADASSAH MINISTRY

Dear Saints,

      I may not be perfect, but Jesus thinks I’m to die for!

There Is Victory in Identity!

When David went into battle against Goliath he confidently carried a weapon that was key to his victory. More than the sling in his hand, more than the five stones in his pouch, the weapon David wielded was his God-given identity. In 1 Samuel 17, when David showed up at the battlefield to take on Goliath, no one thought of him as a warrior. At that point he was really only known to the world as a musician in Saul’s court. But David did not let the world determine his identity. He knew the Lord had anointed him to be a leader, victor, and protector of Israel. He knew that God had been training him for war while he had been caring for the sheep of his father’s flock (1 Samuel 17:34-37). It didn’t matter if the world knew who he was at this point. David knew who he was – because he chose to believe what God had declared over him. That’s why he was ready for the battle and able to step into the victory. When his older brother belittled him, telling him he had no business being amongst the warriors since he was just an insignificant little shepherd (1 Samuel 17:28), David held tightly to who God had told him he was. When King Saul dismissed him as “only a boy” (1 Samuel 17:33), David clung to his God-given identity. And when the enemy tried to humiliate and intimidate him, David confidently declared who his God was and reiterated who he was with his God. He battled from his God-given identity, a key to stepping into victory! When the world tried to tell David who he was, he didn’t pay attention. When the people around him tried to tell him who he was, he ignored them. And when the enemy tried to tell him who he was, he corrected him. David was confident in who he was, because he was confident in his God who had declared his identity to him. David knew and trusted the Lord, so he knew he could trust what the Lord had told him about himself. David’s identity was not determined by his circumstances, by others, and certainly not by the enemy. It was determined by God. If we truly trust our God, we will truly trust that we are who He says we are. We will live from that identity, and we will see victory.

In addition to the voices of the world, people around you, and the enemy, there is one other voice that can come against your God-given identity. You! Sometimes it is our own voice inside our heads that tries to convince us we are not who God says we are. Think of Gideon in Judges 6. The Lord declared to Gideon that he was a “mighty man of valor” and that he would be the rescuer of his people. Gideon’s initial response was, “Not me!” He then went on to list all the reasons he could not possibly be a mighty man or a hero amongst his people. Gideon had been so beaten down by the Midianites (the enemy) over the years that he could not bring himself to believe what the Lord told him about who he was. But God is so faithful, so loving, so kind, and so good at declaring to us who we really are, He took Gideon past his own doubts and empowered him to step into his true God-given identity. He can do the same for each of us.

Who You Really Are!

The world will try to tell you who you are. People around you will try to tell you who you are. The enemy will try to tell you who you are. They might even cite facts about your past or your present to try to convince you that they’re right. Don’t listen to any of it. Don’t listen to any voice that tries to tell you that you are anything other than who God says you are.

Before God formed you in your mother’s womb He knew you (Jeremiah 1:5). God knows all about you, but He wants you to know, too. He wants to share with you who you truly are so that you can cast off any remnant of false identity the world, others, or the enemy has placed upon you, and start to live from your God-given identity.

One day I asked God to change me and He gave me this scripture.

Ruth 3:11  And now, my daughter, fear not. I will do for you all you require, for all my people in the city know that you are a woman of strength (worth, bravery, capability).

I certainly did not see myself like that, I thought I was worthless, not brave not strong and certainly not capable but in time I became that as I allowed God to shape me into what He had spoken over me, do not believe the lies of the devil.

Take time this month to get with God and let Him speak to you about you. Ask Him who you are. Ask Him how He sees you. Ask Him what He created you for. Ask Him to declare over you your God-given identity. You are going to be amazed by who you really are!



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Sinners in the hands of an angry God

                                          HADASSAH MINISTRY

Dear Saints,

Sinners in the hands of an angry God

Have you ever read the sermon by that name given by Jonathan Edwards? It is very long and I wondered how the people in that congregation even stayed awake through all that old English language. But at the end of that message, they say that people were hanging onto the pillars or on their knees, crying out “what must I do to be saved” others cried “ help I can see into hell” People said the floor opened and they could see into hell. What was it about this very long boring sermon that produced that effect?

Yesterday I went to the throne room and spent some time with the Lord, I saw the rainbow over the throne and was having a good time just worshipping and fellowshipping with the Father and Jesus. Then the Father stopped me in my tracks, He imprinted upon me that the church must step up, time is getting short and things are really going to get out of hand on earth. I agreed with Him but said “ Lord there is no unity in the church” Then when I came out it was as if the Holy Spirit told me “write about hell” I told Him it was not a popular message lol”

But I have to obey, the way things are going in the world, and people worshipping Baal again, and a church worship team is using Buddha worship bowls, to produce sound waves to help you meditate and cure your headache. Then I agree with God. It is time to preach about hell.

Sinners in the hands of an Angry God is an excellent sermon, he really slams into the congregation, we should preach that sermon today, maybe we also can bring some sinners into the Kingdom.

Some people died and were taken to hell but then they were allowed to return. Most of them do not talk about it, why? It is too gruesome, let’s rather talk about heaven. NO let us talk about hell. A friend told us that he tried to commit suicide, he survived but as they were taking an exray of his heart, he had a heart attack and died, found himself in a stone chamber, standing upright, he could feel the stones around him but he could see nothing, it was so dark, and FEAR started building up inside him, and he started to glow, yes glow a sort of bluish colour, and then a small window opened up in front of his face and a terrible looking demon with a snout came up and pushed that snout in and sucked the blue colour out. The window closed and he was once again in the dark, listening to the anguish all around him, people screaming and gnashing of teeth just as the bible says, and fear once more built up and as soon as the blue glow built up the demon came and sucked it up again. Lucky for him God pulled him out and told him it was not his time to die and sent him back. I hope he is telling his story so people are aware of what awaits them. Another person also landed in the stone cavern, but a fire came up from under his feet and burnt all the flesh off his body, only to return and cover the bones, and then the fire and burnt it all off again, repeating and repeating, imagine the fear in that person. But I think this was in a vision not sure. BUT the most terrible thing in hell, is not the fire or the demons and how they terrorise you, but the fear. There is no relief, no one comes to your rescue. Another person saw a pastor in hell, he was repenting, he stole money from the church, and he just wanted God to forgive him, he could not understand why he was there.

Another person was going around begging for a cigarette, he had been a heavy smoker and now the urge to smoke was heightened, he could not bear it, another was asking for just one drink.

Another thing about hell is the thirst. There is only fire and heat, no water, and people get so thirsty and cannot get any to stop their thirst.

Well, I sat in many churches, over many years and I never heard one sermon on hell. Maybe this message is for the church, we must warn sinners of the consequence of sin. Maybe if you preach it, sinners will repent and you can lead them into the kingdom, who knows maybe the next Sunday you can preach about heaven.

Do yourselves a favour and go and read that sermon, Sinners in the hand of an angry God. It is an amazing sermon, that God used, the Holy Spirit was able to touch those people and bring them into repentance. Most people think that it is only Holy people that sit in church. Well, I know that I sat in a church for many years and I was not saved. I just thought I had to be a good little girl and be obedient and go to church every Sunday but the rest of the week I was in the world. Thank God He brought me to salvation, how about you, are you sure that you are saved? Maybe you should find out.

An eyewitness. Rev. Stephen Williams of Longmeadow,

Massachusetts, was in attendance that day in Enfield, and he

recorded what happened:

“… before the sermon was done there was a great

moaning and crying through the whole House, ‘what

shall I do to be saved’ — ‘oh, I am going to Hell’ — ‘oh,

what shall I do for Christ’, and so on, so that the minister

was obliged to desist, the shrieks and cries were piercing

and amazing — after some time of waiting, the

congregation were still, so that a prayer was made by

Mr. W. and after that we descended from the pulpit and

discoursed with the people — some in one place and

some in another — and amazing and astonishing the

power of God was seen — and several souls were

hopefully wrought upon that night, and oh the

cheerfulness and pleasantness of their countenances

that received comfort — oh that God would strengthen

and confirm — we sung a hymn and prayed and

dismissed the Assembly.”

The sermon for today. We have often heard this sermon

discussed, and usually it is dismissed as a quaint product of its

Puritan era. The inference is always that we live in “more

enlightened times”, and that beyond its literary value, Sinners has

little to say to us.

But I would ask you to consider this. This sermon was written and

preached in the revival fires of the Great Awakening; a visitation of

God that changed the very social fabric of America. The fact that

God the Holy Spirit saw fit to bless the delivery of this particular

sermon with an extraordinary attendance of convicting power is

beyond dispute. Furthermore, nothing Edwards preached here is

out of harmony with the Bible’s clear teaching on Divine wrath and

eternal punishment. God would not have so wonderfully attested to

what is not true. And if it was true then, it is true today, for God

does not change (Malachi 3:6).

Hell is real. The poor souls that Edwards referred to as being at that

time, in 1741, in the torments of hell are still there! Their sentence,

in fact, has still only just begun, and the horror of that should

haunt us. If we do not have assurance that we are saved by God’s

grace through faith in His Son, Jesus Christ, then it should cause

us not to rest until we’ve found such peace with God. If we do

possess assurance of salvation, the images in this sermon should

drive us to seek to win souls above every other priority in our lives.

There you have it Hell is real!!!


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Daughters of God Receive my Fire!

                              HADASSAH MINISTRY

Dear Saints,

I believe it is womans month so here is one for the ladies enjoy

“Daughters of God, Receive My Fire!”

Lana Vawser, Adelaide, South Australia

Desperation and Devotion

In the spirit, I saw the daughters of God as they sat at the feet of Jesus. What struck me was the DESPERATION that these daughters were living in. There was such a deep desperation for Jesus that was increasing and increasing in their hearts. There was a groan for Jesus that was being birthed which no words can describe. I heard the Lord say, “THEY ARE DRIVEN BY DESPERATION AND DEVOTION.”

Those two words were burning like flames of fire in the spirit: “DESPERATION” and “DEVOTION.”

I watched as their hearts blazed in deep intimacy with Jesus and with a hunger to know Him. The gaze of their eyes blazed with the hunger of Psalm 84:10 (AMP): “For a day in Your courts is better than a thousand [anywhere else]; I would rather stand [as a doorkeeper] at the threshold of the house of my God than to live [at ease] in the tents of wickedness.”

Then the Lord said to me, “Look again.”

I looked again. I heard another cry of desperation in their hearts; it was a cry of desperation to KNOW HIM. Then there was a deep wailing travail – a desperate need to see God move. These daughters of God were in such a place of desperation because of the warfare sent against them. The pressure they’ve had to face (especially lately) has brought them into a deeper place of desperation for HIS MOVE – His breakthrough.

This desperation wasn’t a ‘pleading’ or a ‘begging.’ It was a ferocious roar of desperation – a “GOD YOU SAID” roar; a “I refuse to move from what You have said” roar.

In their cry of “GOD I NEED YOU,” I could sense the weariness. I could sense that the battle had been fierce, but they were not driven by their weariness. They were not driven by doubt. They were driven by FAITH; they were driven by DEVOTION to Him, and deeply aware of their need for Him. Impossibilities were screaming at them in the face, and many had come to the end of themselves; the only answer was JESUS stepping in.

Release of God’s Waterfall of Fire

In the middle of that desperation – that cry – I heard the Lord say, “Daughters of God, RECEIVE MY FIRE! RUN! RUN! RUN! RUN!”

Suddenly, a waterfall of fire fell upon them. The spiritual attacks broke; the attacks of witchcraft broke. The boulders were demolished. The things that had tried to take them out, weigh them down and steal their voices were suddenly gone.

When the Lord said, “Run! Run! Run! Run!” it was not a call to busyness or striving. It was the second wind. It was the refreshment they had been waiting for. It was greater freedom. It was an empowerment of His Spirit that they had not yet experienced. There were breakthroughs and miraculous moves of His Spirit. Impossibilities became inhabited by His POWER. There were TURNAROUNDS – turnarounds that testified to the miracle-working power of JESUS!

These women were being marked afresh. They were being branded anew with the fire of His love and His presence. Chains were breaking off and hearts were being healed.

Arise, Daughters! Run in New Ways!

His voice thundered through the fire:

“You have been through fires that you feel have almost killed you and taken you out, but hear My word to you. I left you not. I abandoned you not. I was WITH YOU in the fire, and you have been BRANDED by ENCOUNTERING ME, the fourth man in the fire. The pressure was intense, the fire was hot, but here comes THE NEW WINE! In the pressing, I am bringing forth the new wine. You are carrying MY new wine.

“I am re-establishing you. I am repositioning you. Fire upon you! Fire upon you! Fire upon you! No longer will you be contained! No longer will you be cast down by the words of others. [You will be] branded afresh with My fire and power to arise and take your place and RUN IN NEW WAYS.”

His voice then got louder: “The waters are breaking. The confinements are breaking. The lids are being shattered. You are birthing. You are birthing. Here it comes. My pioneering fire is increasing upon you. You are going to begin to RUN IN NEW WAYS, [with] multiple births, multiple movements and multiple pathways.

“I am roaring over you, I am breathing over you and I am increasing vision [in] you to carry and run in some of the greatest assignments for this new era that you have ever stepped into.

“As you live at My feet, daughter of Mine, you are arising as a warrior and you are stepping into a time of FLOURISHING, CARRYING MY FIRE like never before.

“You have felt, for so many years, the fires of trial, the fires of opposition and the fires of warfare [which] have tried to take you out – [but] NO MORE. I have built in you a fortification of intimacy with Me IN the fire, rooted deeply in the revelation that you live and move and have your being IN ME. You will no longer feel like you are constantly fighting for your life, but living in a place of deep peace, deep shalom and deep strength IN ME.

“I am inviting you deep into the depths of My heart and My Spirit – My living waters that you have NOT explored or lived in before. NOW you will know what it is to bear fruit and flourish in EVERY SEASON. Receive My fire.

It’s Time for Transformation

“It’s time for TRANSFORMATION like you have not known. It’s TIME for you to arise as the daughter and woman I have called you to be, WITHOUT APOLOGY. Now you go forth running, empowered by MY Spirit, in MY WAY, [on] NEW pathways that I have before you, to see the move of My Spirit flow through your life in power and glory. I am bringing you full circle. You are stepping into hosting the greatest move of My Spirit in your home – through your home – and things I am having you build that are beyond your comprehension and imagination.

“You’re coming into context, NOW. You’re now stepping into greater fullness, healed and whole. Arising, carrying My fire, you are coming forth to carry My heart and pioneer the new things with Me (Isaiah 43:19). Arise! Receive My fire!”


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When God tells you to walk on water

                                          HADASSAH MINISTRY

Dear Saints,

When God tells you to walk on water.

I once received such a word, and the lady said – “If you are prepared to walk on the water, I will use you in ways you never thought possible” of course like me who is so eager to do things for God you will say “Yes”. But let us consider what this means.

And Peter answered him, “Lord, if it is you, command me to come to you on the water.” He said, “Come.” So Peter got out of the boat and walked on the water and came to Jesus. But when he saw the wind, he was afraid, and beginning to sink he cried out, “Lord, save me.” Jesus immediately reached out his hand and took hold of him, saying to him, “O you of little faith, why did you doubt?” And when they got into the boat, the wind ceased. And those in the boat worshiped him, saying, “Truly you are the Son of God.” (Matthew 14:28-33)

The first thing we find is – we have to have faith – it is not easy to serve God unless you have faith to believe that you can do what tells you to do. Peter had to have faith that he could walk on that water, you natural mind will tell you that it is impossible. Faith means you trust God.

The second thing we look at is the word “IF” if you are prepared to do what God tells you – there is a condition. You have to be prepared to do what God wants you to go and do. Many are called but few a chosen, why? Because they are not prepared. When you tell someone that God wants them to go and preach in a place that is really scary, I bet you they will think about it, before they say yes.

The third thing that we find is fear – as humans we have fears – firstly we think we are not qualified and we fear that we will fail. Then there is fear of what is there at that place – the unknown. We make excuses, we don’t speak the language, or we do not have money to get there. Don’t worry if God really wants you there He can translate you in a second, no plane ride, just take a step. We fear for our lives, look at many martyrs in the faith, and see that they knew they would probably be killed but fear of not obeying God was greater than the fear of being killed.

The next thing we look at is – the unknown. We do not know what we are going to find, will we be able to do the work that God has called us to. We make excuses – like some Apostle that said “I am too young” others say I am too old. I do not know my Bible. We doubt that we qualify. Peter did not hesitate he jumped out the boat, what about the others, they stayed in the boat. Peter failed only because he took His eye off Jesus and looked at the wind and the waves.

When God gave me those words, I was just starting out on my journey as a born again believer. I was so eager to do things for God, I would have stepped out of that boat, would I have made it all the way to Jesus, probably not, my human instincts would have told me, you are human, you cannot walk on water, you will sink. You see even if you do not make it all the way, the main thing is to take that first step then have faith in the Lord. A lady was told to go to a foreign country, she had no money for a ticket on the boat, but someone came and gave her the money, she had no money to buy a ticket back, she had no idea what the Lord wanted her to do when she got there, BUT she took that step and got onto the boat, when she landed, God directed her to the place where she would touch many lives, and later He got her back to her country.

The second part of the word, “I will use you in ways you never thought possible” that makes your heart pump faster, but consider what that means, what is God going to do with you, that is the scary part. You see God sees you so much larger than you could ever see yourself. He knows what you are capable of, He sees you as the young boy with a sling and you beat that giant. When the Prophet came to anoint the new king, He saw a row of good sturdy lads and anyone of the them would make an excellent future king, but God said no, no, no. go and fetch that one that is looking after the sheep, a young boy and anoint that one, that is the one I want. God saw in David the mighty warrior, the prophet saw a shepherd. What does God see when He looks at you, I know that is scary but God says, “don’t worry I will equip you for the job”

Look at the Generals in Gods army, Kathryn Kuhlman, Maria Etterworth, Lake, Wigglesworth, etc, did they think that God would use them the way He did, no they were human like you and me, they made mistakes, but God still used them to touch the lives of millions. They got out the boat. When God gave me that word, I was a bit apprehensive, but I was determined, it was scary but I did not want to come to heaven one day and Jesus says “well you know if you had stepped out the boat, this and this would have happened, but now I had to raise up someone else to do the job.”

No way agree with me that you will step out the boat, you will not be like the other fishermen who just sat in the boat. Be like Pater and walk on that water, even if you start to sink, Jesus will pull you up and HE WILL GET IN THE BOAT WITH YOU.

 walking on water, we learn eight things.

Friends this week get out of that boat. Have a wonderful week, and thanks for praying for me to get a new laptop, my old one has retired haha.



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